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Who We Are?

A Modimolle based operator offering driver training and online learner training. The instructors at our school have a great total of teaching experience and are all accurately aware of the qualities that makes a competent driver. We are well known in the Waterberg district and are dedicated to the highest quality of training delivered to all students. Recommendations from satisfied clients are the reason we continue to receive so many inquiries each day.”With our experience in training, our instructors would strive to offer you the most comprehensive and affordable training available.”

Bliksem Driving School, established in 2020 is a leading provider of comprehensive, cost-effective, driver and learner training available in South Africa, to address the training needs of clients in the public & transport industry. A strong and specific focus on driver training was and remains a key objective, which has resulted in the development of a wide range of training techniques to suite the clients needs. Our business has grown rapidly, developing our business to a large number of clients and delivering accredited and non-certified learning, skills programs and learnerships in many different fields.

This extensive portfolio of training and development products gives clients the flexibility to choose the approach most suited to their needs. This is delivered by a instructor/s with the appropriate skills and industry knowledge, who operate from our Modimolle branch and other franchise offices to open soon all over South Africa

Bliksem Driving School is 100% private owned and owner managed.

Our services are provided to both the private and the public sectors. The ethic of responding to each customer’s needs, irrspective of size, has ensured that Bliksem Driving School retain a loyal, sarisfied customer base.

What Licence We Offer

We offer Cod 8, Code 10, Code EC1 and Learner’s licenses.

Being a good driver is about more than just handling a car. The knowledge needed to be proficient spans from knowing the road signs to anticipating dangers before they happen.

Driven to Success

The achievements of our students.

We Are Here To Help You

Get hold of us and let’s get your bliksemse licence!